Chapter 2. EPL Interpreter (%esperepl)

The EPL Esper Event Processing Language interpreter is the default interpreter provided that the note default interpreter is Esper (the default). A paragraph that contains EPL can specify %esperepl.

The EPL paragraph editor has syntax highlighting and colors EPL keywords, comments, data types and more.

When running a paragraph that contains EPL the notebook compiles the EPL and displays any compilation errors in the same paragraph. When the compilation is successful the notebook retains the compiled EPL for that paragraph.

The compiler path consists of all the compiled EPL of all other EPL paragraphs of the same note. Therefore you can have multiple EPL paragraphs that define event types (create schema) or other shared EPL objects such as named windows, tables and variables.

EPL documentation can be found at http://www.espertech.com/esper/esper-documentation.